Grime can mask potential engine problems. That's why the service department at Acura of the Rio Grande Valley recommends cleaning your engine periodically to ensure that technicians can see all engine components clearly. Here's how to do the job yourself.

Make sure the engine is cool as you can damage components when spraying with water. Cover electrical components, such as the battery, with plastic to prevent water from reaching those areas. Remove the negative terminal on the battery before covering it. Thoroughly spray the engine with a degreaser, and then use a small brush to remove grease and grime. Repeat as needed.

Once you are satisfied with you can spray the area clean with a garden hose or a power washer on a low setting. Alternately, you can also use a steam cleaner to clean the engine. Once you have rinsed engine components, dry them with a shop rag or towel. You can also used compressed air to dry the engine.


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