San Juan drivers should know how to choose the right tires for their driving habits, the local weather conditions, and the current season. While all-season tires certainly sound like the best choice for meeting the demands of every weather condition, summer tires are by far the better choice for the summer warmer. At Acura of the Rio Grande Valley, we're committed to helping consumers make informed decisions when choosing their vehicles' tires.

All-Weather Tires Are Not Actually Designed For Superior Year-Round Performance

When it comes to all-weather tires, their very name seems to imply that these products are going to offer optimum performance at all times of the year. In reality, however, these tires are designed to stand up to nearly all road conditions while showing very minimal wear, and while offering a decent amount of traction and control. If you want tires that are going to handle spring and summertime road conditions the best, you'll want to choose summer tires. Ultimately, all-season tires compromise a bit on performance for the sake of longevity.

Summer Tires Offer Greater Connectivity With The Road

?Compared to other tire types, summer tires have a design that places a lot more rubber on the road. These products have comparatively shallow treads, straighter grooves, and continuous, solid ribbing. For additional info on summer tires or to get reliable auto servicing, come by Acura of the Rio Grande Valley now.


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