Although we all deploy windshield wipers whenever a drizzle kicks up, we often overlook this seemingly minor automotive component at other times. Then our windshield wiper blades malfunction in the middle of a storm, and we can't replace them fast enough. Our entire Acura of the Rio Grande Valley team has been there.

Preserve Windshield Visibility

Don't wait until your wiper blades are so degraded they can't squeegee your windshield at all. To be safe, replace windshield wiper blades at least once a year or up to every six months.

Look & Listen

If it's mid-summer, mid-winter or mid-thunderstorm season, look for telltale signs of wiper blade degradation or a loss of windshield visibility. Signs and sounds of streaking, squeaking, chattering and skipping may indicate blades that need replacement pronto.

These issues creep up after UV light, moisture, cold, heat and debris cause wiper blades to erode, soften, harden, split or break. To avoid these scenarios, let us check and replace your windshield wiper blades today.

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