Flat tires can be incredibly troubling to experience, but they may be unavoidable. Tires do suffer punctures and lose air. Roadside assistance might replace the tire with a spare, but you must be mindful of what type of spare you use. Some spares are for temporary use only.

An under-sized, temporary "donut" tire is at risk for a blowout if you don't switch it out for a full-sized one quickly. The manufacturer may put maximum speed and mileage limits on the donut. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's suggestions.

A full-sized tire can last much longer, but concerns arise about the tire matching or not. If the tire doesn't match the other three, you want to get one that does soon. Performance problems could arise when the tires don't match.

At Acura of the Rio Grande Valley, we offer complete tire replacement services. Our team wishes to help you care for your car and continue safely on your travels.


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