Your car’s fuel pump is an important component because its job is to help the gas travel from the gas tank to the engine. If your fuel pump is no longer functioning correctly, it will cause your car to stop running. At Acura of the Rio Grande Valley, we want you to be an informed driver who knows what to look for when a part is going bad. We also want to educate you on signs to look for that might indicate a faulty fuel system.

• Temperatures rising could indicate a faulty fuel pump.
• The engine sputters when driving at a higher speed.
• Vehicle losing power when put in a stressful situation.
• The vehicle picks up speed on its own.
• The fuel pressure gauge may indicate that the pump is pumping more gas than it should.

One of the automotive services is for diagnostics and also for needing things fixed things, many of which should have been fixed earlier to prevent further damage. Come to our dealership in San Juan and allow us to service your vehicle.


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