Staying safe when you're behind the wheel this winter takes preparation, and we can help here at Acura of the Rio Grande Valley serving San Juan car shoppers. Follow our winter driving tips to enhance protection during harsh winter weather.

Although staying home is the safer option when the roads are icy, there are times when going out is necessary. Before you leave, check the weather, and tell someone where you're planning on going and when you're planning to arrive. You can also pack a cold-weather kit with items that include blankets, warm clothes, food, water, medical items, and more.

Drive slower than usual when you're on icy surfaces, and give yourself more following room from the vehicle ahead. While we never want to get stuck in the snow, if you do, stay inside your vehicle as it helps you stay warm. If you decide to dig your vehicle out, then pay attention to how you feel. If you get too tired, stop and take a break.


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