Car wax is pretty transparent, no pun. It is wax derived from a variety of organic sources, such as carnauba plant leaves or even coal. Many car wax products contain a mixture of organic and synthetic waxes from substances like silicone. Our Acura of the Rio Grande Valley team prides itself on our customer service and auto care knowledge, so here's a brief intro to car wax, its benefits and how to use it.

A Seal of Protection

Wax is typically hard at room temperature. When mixed with solvents and oils, it becomes viscous, pliable, spreadable. Wax repels water, sealing your treasured ride in a protective layer that prevents ingress of air pollutants, moisture and even UV rays. The result: your ride's factory paint job and pristine appearance remain new-looking even after years of cruising through San Juan every day.

How & When to Apply

?If you're old enough to remember the character Mr. Miyagi, then you already know how to wax on, wax off. Apply in small, even circles, covering the entire vehicle before you buff off. For optimal results, always save wax application for the last step in your car wash routine.

Come see spanking new and used, waxed vehicles at our dealership the next time you bring yours in for service. We look serving to seeing you.


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