One of your car's suspension system's most important functions is to keep your vehicle in alignment.

Alignment refers to the degree to which all four of your wheels and tires are running straight down the road.

Bumps, normal wear and tear and even excessive speed can take your car out of alignment.

When that happens, you can lose reliable handling, experience tire wear and notice vibrations inside the cabin.

Alignment Inspection and Service

An alignment inspection involves measuring your vehicle's alignment against factory specifications.

Alignment service involves adjusting wheel angles and, if necessary, replacing worn parts that have caused misalignment.

Done correctly, alignment service will increase your tire wear and improve your riding and driving experiences.

Acura of the Rio Grande Valley's Alignment Services

Manufacturers recommend a wheel alignment inspection as part of your regular maintenance services.

We are pleased to offer state-of-the-art equipment and trained technicians for alignment inspections and services.

Contact our service center to schedule an alignment inspection today.


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