What to do if Your Tire Pressure Light Illuminates

Your tire pressure light is important because it can let you know that you need to check the pressure in one or more tires. Although it's usually nothing serious, you need to have Acura of the Rio Grande Valley examine your tires to determine if there is anything wrong with them before putting air in the tires. The light usually goes off after the issue has been corrected.

If you notice that the tire pressure light blinks or blinks and then stays on, then the sensor could be malfunctioning. This would mean that the sensor is unable to determine if there is enough pressure in your tires while you're driving around town.

The light can come on if there's too much air in your tires instead of not enough air. This is a situation that could be dangerous as it can reduce traction while you're driving. Underinflation can result in vibrations and handling issues when you're behind the wheel.



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