Controlling Odors in Your Vehicle

We spend a lot of time in our vehicles; keeping the interior clean and the air fresh can have more benefits than just the visual. It can create a welcoming respite from a hectic day and may even prevent an asthma attack if you're prone to them. While your vehicle may look clean, your upholstery can sometimes harbor hidden smells that say otherwise.

Be vigilant in cleaning up any used food containers instead of leaving them in your car overnight. If you're driving and spill a drink, pull over as soon as it's safe to swab up the residual liquid before it soaks into the padding. Remove your floor mats and scrub them at a car wash with soap and water.

If you're already battling an existing smell, try leaving an open container of coffee beans in your vehicle overnight to absorb the odor. Placing an open box of baking soda in a secure area can also work as an odor filter. Sprinkle some of the baking soda on dry upholstery and vacuum it up to remove embedded smells.



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