Different Types of Winter Tires for Your Adventures

Folks that live in cold climates all have one thing in common: Winter weather! Whether you need to travel for business or to see family, you need to be prepared for whatever comes your way this season. There are several options for outfitting your tires for the winter, and the one you pick will depend upon the kind of snowfall levels you're likely to encounter.

If you live in or travel to a region of the country that only experiences a light dusting of snow now and then, performance winter tires may be the option for you. These tires work well on clear roads while still possessing the surface grooving necessary to handle occasional snow and ice.

If the area receives plenty of heavy snowfall, you can choose between studded or unstudded tires as the best option. Studded tires make excellent contact with icy roads, but are not always allowed by states as they damage road surfaces. Studless tires possess similar traction abilities, but don't have the surface damaging qualities. If you still have questions, be sure to visit us at Acura of the Rio Grande Valley to discuss which winter tire option will work for your vehicle and the terrain that you may encounter on your next road trip.



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