Making Sure Pressure Caps are Secure Prevents Overheating

There are many things that drivers can do to keep their vehicles in good condition, and here are at Acura of the Rio Grande Valley, we enjoy helping vehicle owners to find ways to do so. One area that is very important to vehicle durability but is often overlooked is the issue of overheating.

Most engine cooling systems contain many large and small components. Some common and intrinsic ones are cooling fluid, radiators, cooling fans, and cooling hoses. While these large parts are critical to vehicle operations, some smaller components are just as vital. One such component is called the radiator pressure cap, and keeping this part in good condition is integral to cooling system performance.

Radiator cooling caps perform several functions, and these include allowing excess pressure to bleed out as well as maintaining proper overall system pressure. This is important because keeping system pressures high enough prevents coolant from boiling and engines from overheating. As such, drivers should routinely inspect their pressure caps for signs of leakage or damage. They should also replace their caps on regular schedules or as recommended by their mechanics.



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