Tow Safely with These Tips and Tricks

Just because your vehicle has a hitch doesn’t mean that it can tow anything you put behind it. Towing an unsafe load could result in serious injuries, expensive damage, and deaths. Here is a look at some simple tips that you can use to safely tow a load.

Before pulling any load, you must first make sure that your vehicle has an adequate towing capacity. The towing capacity and tow rating can both be found in the owner’s manual. You must also make sure that all of the trailer's lights work after plugging in the wiring harness. That includes turn signals, brake lights, running lights, and emergency lights.

The service team here at Acura of the Rio Grande Valley can help you make sure that your vehicle is ready to tow any trailer, toy hauler, or boat. Please call our San Juan, TX location today for your next service checkup.

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