Must-Have Items in Your Roadside Emergency Kit

Packing the right items in your roadside emergency kit will lessen the time you are stuck with a disabled car on the side of the road.

Road flares in the roadside emergency kit are key to keeping other drivers alert you are sitting roadside. Tire fix-a-flat will give you the chance to get a disabled vehicle off the road by lifting the tire just high enough off the rim to move safely. Jumper cables will give a driver the chance to pull over and jump-start your vehicle in less time.

Pack a small bag with assorted tools and keep in the roadside emergency kit so you can make minor repairs easily. A roll of duct tape can be used to make repairs in a number of ways and essential when you have limited tools.

Schedule a service appointment at Acura of the Rio Grande Valley so we can spot any potential issues before they have the opportunity to leave you stranded roadside.



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