Get That Back-to-School Car Checkup!

School days are coming. They bring with them many responsibilities, which also include things to do with the car. As the school year approaches, taking care of a vehicle may become unavoidable since college students and "taxi driving" parents don't want to run into mishaps.

Don't ignore the basics. Let this be the first rule of a back-to-school auto check. Have all the major fluids checked. Don't overlook checking the condition of the brakes. Make sure the tires and hoses aren't worn. Neglected all these essential inspection points could prove hazardous. Proper care could improve safety immensely.

Stay on top of any problems. If the "check engine light" on the dashboard goes off, don't delay in getting a diagnostic done. No matter what warning light goes off, take quick action to check things out.

Over at Acura of the Rio Grande Valley, our mechanics handle all different maintenance tasks. Ring in the school season with a car checkup.



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