What Are Your Options for a New Drivetrain?

We here at Acura of the Rio Grande Valley are excited about the upcoming year. We are also excited to earn your business helping you into the car of your dreams. One common question we receive is "what do I need, all-wheel or four-wheel drive?"

  • The difference in the two is that AWD is always working. 4WD has the option to turn this feature on or off.
  • Both provide the same thing. However, AWD is made more for driving on pavement or smooth surfaces. 4WD is designed to only turn on when in need. 4WD is typically used for more rugged conditions.
  • Your choice will depend on your driving style and desired feel of the road.

Here in San Juan, TX, we are here to answer your questions. We have several different vehicles to pick from and encourage you to come test drive whatever you desire. The only way to find out what fits you best is to try them all out at 1201 East Expressway 83 today!

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