The Effects of Overheated Coolant in the Radiator

No one wants to be stuck in traffic or stranded on a lonely highway with steam issuing from under the hood. When your vehicle is overheated, and the water in the radiator is boiling, the vehicle is incapacitated and unable to be driven any further. If you do attempt to drive your vehicle when it is overheated, serious damage can occur to the engine components.

The radiator serves to circulate the coolant fluids throughout the cooling system in order to keep the engine temperature at a safe level and prevents the engine from overheating. Flushing the radiator according to the schedule recommended by the manufacturer will help to prevent radiator problems. Checking the fluid periodically is important, but if checking the fluid when the vehicle is overheated, do not open the radiator cap while the vehicle is overheated.

If your vehicle has become overheated recently in San Juan, TX, be sure to have it brought in to Acura of the Rio Grande Valley for a service check by our experienced technicians.



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